Tracy McBride

• Metal Hangings, Sculptures, Embellished Knitwear

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Tracy McBride


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P.O.BOX 1211

Abiquiú, NM 87510






ARTIST STATEMENT: One-of-a-kind knitted accessories - hats, purses, scarves, cuffs - from thoughtfully chosen fibers and ribbons, and embellished with unique textures, buttons, beads and fringes.

Metal hangings welded from copper scraps and masonry nails, suitable for hanging on walls or sheltered porches (“portal earrings”); sculptures for indoors or out convey whimsy and serenity; easily portable.

Artist Statement: 
Love of texture, form and color combine to shape my work.  I focus primarily on scrap metal sculpture and knitting—the hard and the soft! I love the contrast in materials and methods of working with them. 

The results are sometimes serene, sometimes whimsical, sometimes dramatic.  They all express the pleasure I’ve had in making them.

Using recycled metal scraps transforms them from discarded and abandoned to full vitality.  I dive into the welding process, armed with goggles and mask —and surface with visual surprises that complement our vast New Mexican landscapes. 

Texture, color and form unite to yield unique results in my knitting as well.  I knit hats, scarves, purses, cuffs.  They range from cozy to striking and beautiful—lovely accessories to reflect our connection with creativity and joy. 

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