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Tracy Mcbride art thumbnailTracy Mcbride

MEDIA: scrap metal
sculpture & knitting

Artist Statement

Love of texture, form and color combine to shape my work. I focus primarily on scrap metal sculpture and knitting—the hard and the soft! These are particularly satisfying choices for me because I love the contrast in materials and methods of working with them.

I have had a longstanding interest in three-dimensional art in various media, including papier mache, fiber and wood. The results are sometimes serene, sometimes whimsical objects that express the pleasure I’ve taken in making them.

Recycling metal involves transformation from discarded and abandoned to joyful pieces. I dive into the metamorphosis process—and surface with visual surprises that become pleasing additions to our landscapes.

Knitting and embellishing scarves is a strikingly similar process, just quieter. Choice of texture, color and form unite to yield unique results-- cozy, striking, joyful, beautiful—and lovely accessories for our personal landscapes.

Tracy Mcbride
PO Box 1211
Abiquiu, NM 87510

email: Tracy Mcbride

phone: 505-685-0682

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